Post-vacation anxiety: 3 tips on how to manage the stress of returning to work

Anxiety, excessive exhaustion, mild depression: these are some of the symptoms I present with when I return after the holidays. Do I suffer alone with irritability and sudden mood swings? I don’t think so.

If you feel unable to concentrate, overwhelmed by a sense of responsibility and impending tasks then you are not alone! Unfortunately, there is no secret or magic formula to fix this, but here are 3 tips that could alleviate the stress of returning from vacation.

  1. Move gradually
  2. Rest when you can
  3. Meditate and breathe

-Move Gradually-

I have found that if I fully resume activities as before my vacation, within a day I will already be exhausted. I have to give my mind and body time to get back to the old rhythms. Especially so I don’t use all the energy that I regained from my break. My first advice is to move gradually so that the recovery is softer.

-Rest when you can-

With all the commitments you have, there is no time to sleep, right? However, humans need the right amount of sleep to function properly and this also applies to all of us.

I have two young children and they don’t sleep well. So I, mom, never sleep for eight consecutive hours. I can tell you from my experience that chronic sleep deprivation makes you more susceptible to anxiety. If you are in a similar situation with children or if you are just busy, my advice is to rest when in power. You only have 10 minutes? Take a power nap!

-Meditate and breathe-

I have found that if I meditate and breathe it helps reduce my anxiety, even if it’s just for one minute a day with intentions. Meditation help’s train my mind and help’s me focus. Many people use meditation to reduce their stress levels and develop deeper focus.

Finally, if you’re having trouble doing any of these 3 tips it might be time to make an appointment with your chiropractor. A chiropractor can help you move better, sleep more peacefully, and even breathe deeper when you meditate!

What about you guys? How do you manage the difficulties of returning to work so as not to be crushed by the post-holidays blues?