The First Visit and Cost

The first office visit will last about an hour. This will consist of the careful evaluation of the patient’s case
and treatment (if required).

It is divided into three phases:

Physio-pathological History

We will talk about any pathological conditions, present and past, already diagnosed by the attending
physician. We will take note of the most recent radiology (x-rays or MRI), pharmacological treatments in progress, or the use of supplements of various kinds. We will also analyze the physiological states and the general lifestyle of the patient.

Physical Examination

After the history, Dr. Williams will assess your posture, range of motion, reflexes, dermatomes (nerve
sensibility), and muscle strength. The chiropractor will pay especially close attention to the neck and spine areas, which is the core area of chiropractic care. From there, Dr. Williams will examine any specific areas of discomfort in the body (hands, wrist, knees, ankle, etc…).

Chiropractic Adjustment (treatment)

After the history and exam, Dr. Williams will determine if you are physically able and can benefit from receiving a chiropractic adjustment. More often than not, Dr. Williams will be able to treat you during the first visit which provides immediate pain relief.

The Cost of Chiropractic Care:

First visit: €90

Going to the doctor can cause anxiety. However, Dr. Williams provides the right combination of professionalism and kindness that creates a calm and peaceful environment. The first visit typically lasts an hour. In addition to evaluating and treating the patient, Dr. Williams will explain how chiropractic functions and how it helps your body to heal. After the adjustment (treatment), Dr. Williams may give you additional instructions such as using heat/cold, stretches or exercises.

Other visits: €50

If necessary, the following visit(s) will only be about 30 minutes. Dr. Williams will ask the patients about the changes they have felt or noticed since the last visit. Dr. Williams will evaluate and adjust (treat) the areas that need attention. After the adjustment, patients can rest in the resting room. This room is designed specifically for resting, meditating and healing. Afterwards, Dr. Williams will check for any remaining issues and check that the patient is completely balanced before they leave the office.

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